Best Fishing Gloves

Any seasoned fisherman (or woman!) knows that a good pair of fishing gloves are an essential part of the sport. With protected hands, anglers can brave the elements and can focus on reeling in the big catch without painful and annoying cuts and scrapes distracting them! In addition, fishing gloves often also offer unique features that may provide added ease-of-use, more secure grips, or maximized dexterity. This list features some of the best fishing gloves currently found on the market along with exactly what makes them our top picks for each category of fishing gloves. 

Whether you’re needing protection from ice and scales or want some help to hang on to your catch, fishing gloves can offer many benefits and are an important accessory for a successful and enjoyable fishing trip. Understanding the types of gloves and features available will allow you to make an informed decision on exactly what type of glove will best suit your preferred style of fishing. 

To determine your ideal type of fishing glove, several factors should be taken into consideration, including the following:

  • What your preferred type of fishing is or what activity you need gloves for
  • What type of climate you will be fishing in
  • Whether you fish in the daylight or in the dark
  • What level of dexterity you require 
  • How often you generally take your gloves off and put them back on during a fishing trip
  • If you want the ability to use a smart phone while wearing your fishing gloves

With the answers to the above considerations in mind, you’re ready to shop for your ideal next pair of fishing gloves.

Types of Fishing Gloves

Fishing gloves come in many shapes and sizes to suit the needs of many styles of fishing. While some focus on protection from the elements, others allow for more dexterity ease of use. Some are also made to suit a specific use, while others are more versatile for a variety of activities and types of fishing.  

Some categories of fishing gloves include the following:

  • Tackle fishing gloves
  • Filleting gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Sun gloves
  • Cold weather gloves
  • Ice fishing/combat gloves
  • Half-finger gloves
  • Hybrid gloves

Benefits Fishing Gloves Can Offer

Glove types vary by the type of protection they provide and the unique features possessed by each pair to make your fishing trip more successful. Fishing gloves offer many benefits no matter what type of fisherman you may be.   

Some benefits that a good pair of fishing gloves can provide are as follows: 

  • Waterproof materials to keep your hands dry
  • Insulation for fishing in cold weather conditions
  • UPF sun protection
  • Quick-dry technology
  • Fingerless design for increased finger dexterity and ease-of-use
  • Pre-curved fingers to prevent muscle fatigue
  • Adjustable wrist closures
  • Side-zippers for ease of taking the gloves off and putting them back on
  • Pull loops for ease of taking the gloves off
  • Reflective features for increased visibility
  • Removable insulation
  • Non-slip silicone-printed patterns placed on palms and fingers for increased gripping power

Some gloves may offer more of the above features than others depending on what needs each type of glove prioritizes. Buying the correct type of fishing glove will ensure that you are equipped with the right features for your next fishing trip. Below we a list of our top picks of various types of fishing gloves along with the unique features of each glove and what type of use they are ideal for.

Our Choices For The Best Fishing Gloves

1. Columbia Terminal Tackle Fishing Glove - The Best Overall Fishing Gloves

The lightweight yet efficient design of the Colombia Terminal Tackle Fishing Gloves made them an easy choice as the best overall fishing gloves. Top-quality technology is combined with a sleek and efficient design to provide all that any angler could desire in a fishing glove. 

Columbia Terminal Tackle Fishing Glove

Product Summary and Notable Features:

The Columbia Terminal Tackle Fishing Gloves use an intelligent design together with an ultra-thin polyester fabric that allows you to move and grip as you need to. Their Omni-wick technology lets them dry quickly, and their Omni-Shade technology protects your hands from serious sun damage. The design was thought out to the last details. A fingerless design allows you to do detail work with your gloves on and the silicone palm provides a secure grip even in slippery situations

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following: 

  • Made of 100% polyester that is breathable, ultra-thin, and lightweight
  • Comfortable design that allows maximum dexterity
  • Omni-Shade UPF 50 sun protection
  • Omni-Wick quick-dry technology 
  • Silicone palm for a secure grip
  • Fingerless design 
  • Elastic on wrist for a secure fit

2. Bubba Filet Glove - Best Gloves For Fileting Fish

Safety is the main objective of a good pair of fillet gloves. This requires durable and resistant materials and a grip that won’t fail, and that is exactly what the Bubba Fillet Gloves offer. A combination of high-quality material technology and several unique features provides ease of use along with top-notch protection. 

Bubba Fillet Gloves

Product Summary and Notable Features:

Comfortable and easy to work in, these gloves feature a Kevlar layer to lend an added layer of re-enforcement to an already cut and puncture resistant material. A nonslip grip can also be found on the palms and fingers of the gloves to keep what you catch firmly in your grasp and adjustable wrists keep them firmly on your hands.  

Along with an efficient design, these fillet gloves offer some special features that make them stand out from the others. Especially handy in our modern technological world, touchscreen-friendly surfaces on the index fingers and thumbs enables the use of smart phones for pictures or to share the news of your catch of the day. In addition, they even come complete with highly visible reflective paneling, so they can easily be found in the dark.  

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following: 

  • Comfort and dexterity
  • Non-slip grip on palms and fingers
  • Kevlar protective layer
  • Cut- and puncture- resistant materials
  • Touchscreen-compatible surfaces on index fingers and thumbs
  • Highly visible reflective paneling

3. Bass Pro Shops Neoprene Fishing Gloves - Best Waterproof Fishing Gloves

A bit of cold weather doesn’t keep a true fisherman away from the water. The Bass Pro Shops Neoprene Fishing Gloves are designed specifically for cold weather anglers. This means that they are not only easy to work in, but will keep your hands dry and warm while you’re at it. 

Bass Pro Shops Neoprene Fishing Gloves

Product Summary and Notable Features:

Made to keep your hands warm and dry while allowing maximum dexterity, these fishing gloves are just what a cold weather fisherman needs. Made out of a 100% waterproof, yet breathable neoprene material, these gloves will keep your hands dry and warm. Lightweight sharkskin rubber on the palms keeps your hands protected and Velcro writs straps keep a snug fit. Lastly, these fishing gloves feature a fold-back finger design, allowing you to easily tie knots and hooks without the hassle of taking your gloves off for the task.  

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following: 

  • 100% waterproof
  • Breathable, yet warm neoprene material
  • 3 mm sharkskin rubber on palms
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist straps
  • Fold-back finger design

4. Glacier Glove Alaska River Fingerless Glove - Best Fingerless Fishing Glove

Warmth, protection, and dexterity are some of the most important features of a good fishing glove, and these fingerless fishing gloves provide all three. The Glacier Glove Alaska River Fingerless Gloves is ideal for those who are tired of having to constantly take off their gloves and put them back on for every new knot. It allows for optimum finger dexterity at all times, while high-quality materials keep your hands comfortable.

Glacier Glove Alaska River Fingerless Glove

Product Summary and Notable Features:

The Glacier Glove Alaska River Fingerless Gloves are made for warmth with mobility. The fingerless design of these fishing gloves allows you to handle small items and do small detail work such as tying knots. Their WindBlock fleece material keeps the rest of your hands warm, and the adjustable wrist straps keep the gloves in place even while reeling in a fighter. The 2 mm thick neoprene material on each palm also provides a strong and sure grip ensure that you never have to watch a fish slip out of your hands.  

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following: 

  • Fingerless design for maximum dexterity
  • WindBlock fleece material
  • 2 mm thick neoprene palms
  • Adjustable wrists

5. Worldwide Sportsman Abaco Sun Gloves - Best Sun Gloves

There are many elements that can be damaging to your hands while fishing and the Sun may sometimes be overlooked. However, hours spent out in the sun can cause a serious sun burn. A good pair of sun gloves will avoid a burn to keep your hands happy and mobile.

World Wide Sportsman Abaco Sun Gloves

Product Summary and Notable Features:

The Worldwide Sportsman Abaco Sun Gloves offer maximum protection from the Sun’s damaging rays alongside comfort and ease of use. These gloves feature extended cuffs made to provide UPF 50+ protection from your fingers to your wrists. Their fingerless design allows for the best grip and dexterity possible, while the rest of your hands stay covered and protected.  

These fishing gloves will never require any lotions as they are made from a quick-drying, 4-way stretch material. This allows for airflow while retaining a snug fit, providing the most comfort along with optimum dexterity. These gloves are light and snug, ideal for the fisherman who wants to have the most use out of his hands while keeping them protected.

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following: 

  • Built-in UPF 50+ Sun protection
  • Fingerless design
  • Extended cuffs to cover and protect wrists
  • Quick-drying, 4-way stretch material
  • Light, breathable, and comfortable
  • Machine washable

6. IceArmor by Clam Extreme Gloves - Best Fishing Gloves for Cold Weather and Ice Fishing

For some fishermen, a cold climate is the right climate. Although freezing water and ice-cold air may be your ideal setting, they can be damaging and dangerous to your hands without proper protection. High tech insulation for maximum warmth along with a specially designed fit that is sure to stay fast make these fishing gloves the choice for best fishing gloves for cold weather and ice fishing. 

IceArmor Clam Extreme Gloves

Product Summary and Notable Features:

Extreme conditions require extreme protection, and that is exactly what the IceArmor by Clam Extreme Gloves provide. The many features that make these gloves an excellent choice for anyone who loves winter and ice fishing begin with the high-quality and high-tech materials used. A fully waterproof barrier is formed with a DINTEX membrane. This material is breathable, yet impenetrable to keep hands dry and warm. In addition to this, 150 level Thinsulate Insulation can be found across the top of the hand as well as a 100g Thinsulate Insulation on the palms to guarantee warmth even in the coldest conditions.

Material choice is important, but so is making sure that your gloves stay put while fishing. Moving and shifting can compromise warmth, protection, and even your physical capability. The IceArmor Extreme Gloves have taken care of this concern with several features that make these gloves fit snug and stay put. Pre-curved fingers reduce the need for the gloves to stretch and shift as you grasp your tools and move your fingers. Extra- long cuffs offer full coverage and wrist cinches with draw-cord wind skirts keep your gloves in place and prevent any wind or water from seeping inside.  

Along with excellent warmth and safety features, these fishing gloves also have a couple extra features that make them stand out. One feature is the 3M Scotchlite reflective piping on the tops of each glove for increased visibility. These gloves also come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty so that you can make your courage with the confidence of knowing that you’re covered.  

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following:

  • Quality materials and design for maximum warmth and protection in wet and freezing conditions
  • Fully waterproof
  • Breathable DINTEX membrane
  • Mapped 150g Thinsulate insulation on top of gloves
  • Mapped 100g Thinsulate insulation on palms of gloves
  • Extra long cuffs with wrist cinches and draw-cord wind skirts
  • Pre-curved finger and thumb design for comfort and a snug fit
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective piping 
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

7. Glacier Gloves Guide Glove

Guide gloves are designed to provide warmth and help dexterity in cold weather conditions, and this pair lives up to its purpose. From material choice to design, the Glacier Glove Guide Gloves are durable and will keep your hands warm and protected.

Glacier Glove Guide Gloves

Product Summary and Notable Features:

The Glacier Glove Guide Gloves are made for cold and wet weather. Their quick-dry material keeps your hands comfortable, while added durability is provided by the use of genuine leather on the palms.  

Dexterity was also a primary focus with the design of these gloves. They are form-fitted to provide both a snug fit and easier movement. A specialized and improved knuckle design also adds to the mobility of your fingers within the gloves, helping to prevent hand fatigue while you are fishing.  

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following:

  • Warm and durable
  • Quick-dry material
  • Genuine leather palms
  • Form-fitting design 
  • Specialized knuckle design for improved dexterity
  • Adjustable wrist closure

8. StrikerICE Combat Leather Gloves

StrikerICE’s ‘Combat’ gloves are made for exactly what the name implies. The hands-on battle that occurs between you and the fish is nearly inevitable when ice fishing, making a good pair of gloves an essential part of your accessories. Quality combat gloves will not only keep you protected from scrapes, tears, and freezing conditions, but the solid grip and smart design is also sure to give any ice fisherman the upper hand. 

StrikeIce Combat Leather Gloves

Product Summary and Notable Features:

The StrikerICE Combat Leather Gloves provide the upmost protection and functionality for the fishermen willing to directly fight for their catch. Ice fishing is demanding in its climate and environment as well as in its technique, but these fishing gloves cover all of the bases.  

The gloves have a 200g Thinsulate insulation to keep your hands warm in the coldest conditions while Hipora waterproofing keeps all moisture out. Genuine waterproof leather is found on the palms as well as the top of the hands, and strategically placed additional padding can be found around the fingertips for extra warmth and durability. Extra long soft-shell gauntlets extend the gloves to bring comfort and protection to the wrists and all the way to your lower arms.  

The design of these gloves features pre-curved fingers to allow the gloves to stay snug while also reducing muscle fatigue. Adjustable wrists and gauntlet closures are also in place to keep out any cold or moisture, ensuring that your hands stay warm and dry. A unique feature on this list, these gloves even come with breathable inserts for those icy days when an added layer of warmth and protection is required.  

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following:

  • 200g Thinsulate insulation
  • Hipora waterproofing
  • Genuine durable and waterproof leather on palms and backs of hands
  • Wrapped fingertips for added warmth and durability
  • Fully waterproof soft-shell gauntlets 
  • Pre-curved fingers design to reduce muscle strain
  • Adjustable wrist and gauntlet closures

9. Cabelas Guidewear GORE-TEX Infinium Windstopper Half Finger Fishing Gloves

Serious fishermen need a serious grip and that’s exactly what you’ll find in this pair of half-fingered fishing gloves. Maximum dexterity is the focus here, but is also accompanied by the warmth and protection required. Unique features and designs make these fishing gloves stand out from the rest and making them a pair of fishing gloves that any serious fisherman can appreciate. 

Cabelas Guidewear GORE-TEX Infinium

Product Summary and Notable Features:

One of the top features of these gloves is the unique technology and design that offers the protection often found in heavier materials along with the dexterity of lightweight sun gloves. Made from a 92% nylon and 8% elastane material, these gloves have a snug fit with a bit of stretch. Unlike some similar gloves, the windproof and breathable GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER technology also works to keep your hands warm from a chill.  

The half-finger design of these fishing gloves has an articulated fit that allows for the greatest dexterity possible. Silicone-printed fish scale patterns are also found on the palms and fingers, immensely improving your grip of the rod.  

Side zippers as well as pull loops are also some additional unique features of these fishing gloves. While zippers open the space of the glove, loops allow you to easily pulling them off, making taking your gloves off and putting them back on easier than ever.

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following:


  • 92% nylon/8% elastane material
  • Windproof, breathable GORE-TEX INFINIUM WINDSTOPPER technology
  • Half-finger design with articulated fit
  • Silicone printed fish scale pattern on fingers and palms for an improved grip
  • Side zippers
  • Pull loops
  • Hand wash

10. Cabelas Guidewear Glomitts

Ending our list with perhaps one of the most versatile gloves featured, the Cabela’s Guidewear Glomitts for men offer excellent dexterity along with enough warmth and protection to be used in ice fishing. Modern technology, intelligent design, and some useful special features make these fishing gloves unique and ideal for a variety of fishing styles. 

Cabela Guidewear Glomitts

Product Summary and Notable Features:

Cabela’s Guidewear Glomitts for men offer the best of both worlds: the warmth and protection of cold weather mittens with the dexterity and grip usually found in lightweight fishing gloves. One of the ways that this is achieved is through their smart half-finger construction that allows you to open and fold-over the hood and the thumb to expose all fingers when needed. Once you your task is accomplished, simply flip the hood and thumb cap back over your fingers to create a full mitten with maximum hand-warming capabilities.  

This unique and efficient design is accompanied by GORE WINDSTOPPER windproof, yet breathable membranes. These membranes keep wind from penetrating and keep your hands warm while still allowing airflow to circulate. Elastic wrists also help to keep your gloves in place and wind and water out.  

You’re sure to have a firm grip with the silicone-printed patterns found on the palms and on the inside of either thumb. A form fitting construction also allows greater dexterity to add to the power of your grip while fighting your catch.  

The side zippers and grosgrain ribbon pull loops found on the Guidewear Glomitts make it easy to take your glove off and to put them back on. In addition, these gloves feature reflective logos for easy nighttime visibility as well as snaps at the cuffs of either glove that allow them to be fastened together when not in use.  

Some of the great features of these gloves include the following:


  • Hybrid design of cold weather mittens with fingerless fishing gloves
  • GORE WINDSTOPPER windproof, yet breathable membranes
  • Silicone-printed designs on palms and inner thumbs
  • Side zippers
  • Pull loops 
  • Reflective logos
  • Elastic wrists

In Conclusion

Fishing gloves don’t only protect your hands from harsh conditions, but can also come with some useful additional features that will enhance your fishing experience. Some gloves are made for freezing temperatures and battling fish, offering features such as insulation, water- and wind-proofing, and snug closures on the wrists. Others are made to allow for the most dexterity possible, meaning they are lightweight, fingerless, and possibly some silicone-patter grip on palms and fingers.  

No matter which type of glove you choose for your fishing needs, it is always important to make sure that the fit is snug and secure. Look for adjustable or elastic closures to be able to personalize the fit. Also check the stretch of the material and the length of the cuff to ensure that it will protect you to the extent you need. A secure fit will keep your hands warm and dry while also ensuring that you have the best possible mobility and the firmest grasp.