Best Fishing In Oklahoma – 10 Best Spots To Fish In The Sooner State!

Fishing in Oklahoma is filled with promises and plenty of superb experiences. This state delivers completely in all nuances of fishing. You will have a blast when you come to Oklahoma and fish in the spectacular and fantastic fishing locations that it evinces. That is precisely the reason why Oklahoma receives so many fishing enthusiasts on an annual basis. The experiences that the State of Oklahoma accords are so sublime that you will keep coming back again and again.

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Since Oregon has such a wide range of natural features, you can Hunt, Fish, and try to catch SHellfish all in one state!  You can either get these licenses individually or bundle them together to save money based on what you will be going for!

You can only have one rod / line by law, unless you purchase a license to use a second one, and fishers under 12 are exempt from this bylaw.

There are also various limitations on how many fish and shellfish you can catch which can be found on the Oregon Sport Fishing Regulations website.

1. Deep Fork River

Bighorn Lake Wyoming
Bighorn Lake Wyoming

The Deep Fork River is located in Oklahoma and is one of the best spots for fishing in the region. It is a tranquil and scenically resplendent area where fishing lovers will certainly feel at home. Fishing is allowed all year long at the Deep Fork River and the latter is filled with many amazing species for you to catch. You can also engage in camping, hunting (provided you come to this area during the permitted season), hiking on trails, etc.

Deep Fork River Fishing Tips

If you are going to the Deep Fork River for fishing then remember to move away from the refuge while fishing. There are no boat ramps in the refuge area and you will have to move towards the Deep Fork River Bridge that’s located on Highway 66. Do use a boat as it allows you to access the deeper and more fecund fishing areas. Just keep away from the refuge in general as the water is shallow, is filled with submerged stumps and the river currents are unpredictably dangerous here.

Types of Fish in Deep Fork River

You can find fish like channel catfish, Flathead catfish, crappie, white bass, blue catfish, large mouth bass, etc. at Deep Fork River.

2. Grand Lake

Flaming Gorge Wyoming
Flaming Gorge Wyoming

Grand Lake is an excellent fishing spot that is located in Oklahoma. It is spread over a total surface acre area of 41,749 acres and evinces a shoreline of about 460 miles. The maximum depth of Grand Lake is about 133 feet. There are many additional facilities available at Grand Lake that includes public restrooms, convenience stores, boat ramps, camping facilities, etc.

Grand Lake Fishing Tips

If you are going to be fishing at Grand Lake then remember to hire a guide. There are various fish species available at Grand Lake, and they can be caught frequently under different conditions and in different seasons. A proper guide can assist you in finding the best spots, using the best techniques, and determining the right conditions when you fish at Grand Lake.

Types of Fish in John Day River

You can find fish species like Largemouth bass, Paddle fish, White Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, White and Black Crappie, Flathead Catfish, Blue Catfish, and Channel Catfish.

3. Lake Eufaula

Glendo Reservoir Wyoming
Glendo Reservoir Wyoming

Lake Eufaula is the largest lake in the state of Oklahoma and receives hordes of visitors each year for fishing purposes. The ambiance is relaxing and the conditions amazing. The lake itself possesses a total area of 100,000 surface acres and is located conveniently off the interstate 40. There are campgrounds for RVs, boating ramps, marinas, restaurants, lodges, etc. located around Lake Eufaula which makes coming here even more enjoyable.

Lake Eufaula Fishing Tips

When you are at Lake Eufaula, make sure you target the northern shoreline as the chances of catching Sauger at that area are particularly better than anywhere else. Also, get up early in the morning if you want to secure the best spots before the crowds arrive and horde them. Use a boat for getting to the deeper areas where the bass is plenty and biting like crazy.

Types of Fish in Lake Eufaula

You can find fish like Large mouth and small mouth bass, channel and blue catfish, sauger, black and white crappie, walleye, green and red ear sunfish, white bass

4. Lake Texoma

Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park

It would be an understatement if we said that fishing at Lake Texoma is great. It is perhaps one of the best experiences in fishing that you are bound to experience in your life. The fishing at this awesome location is profoundly impressive and Lake Texoma delivers on all notes perfectly. The lake is filled with plenty of species; the vicinities contain a host of other facilities as well. You will never be bored if you come to Lake Texoma for fishing.

Lake Texoma Fishing Tips

You should go to the bait and tackle shops located around the lake and stock up on equipment before heading over to the fishing spots. Also, you probably should hire a guide if you want the easiest route to excellent fishing at Lake Texoma. These guides can take you the best spots, hook you up with nice discounts on purchasing equipment, and are very helpful in general.

Types of Fish in Lake Texoma

You can find Black and small mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, Striped bass, etc. at Lake Texoma.

5. Broken Bow Lake

Jackson Hole Wyoming
Jackson Hole Wyoming

Broken Bow Lake is one of the most productive spots for fishing that you can find in Oklahoma. It is located near Broken Bow town. The Lake evinces a depth of about 180 feet and covers a surface area of about 14,200 acres. The average depth of the lake is 65 feet. The lake is serene and home to many desirable species of fish. You are bound to have a good time when you come to Broken Bow Lake.

Broken Bow Lake Fishing Tips

When you are fishing at Broken Bow Lake, make sure you search for long points that extend to the channels of the river in the deeper waters. Once you have located one, cast your line and start fishing at a slow pace. This will increase your chances of baiting a large mouth bass that is big and weights 14lbs or more. You can also try accessing the deeper waters for a better chance at catching crappie.

Types of Fish in Broken Bow Lake

You can find fish species like Sunfish, large mouth bass, small mouth bass, white crappie, black crappie, spotted bass, hybrid striped bass, channel catfish, walleye, Flathead catfish, etc. at Broken Bow Lake.

6. Lake Tenkiller

Grand Teton National Park
Grand Teton National Park

Lake Tenkiller is one of the best spots for fishing in the state of Oklahoma. It is the Clearwater lake of Oklahoma state and is spread across 12,500 acres along with a shoreline that is about 130 miles in length. The scope for recreation and relaxation at this lake is amazing and you will truly have a great time when you come to this lake for fishing.

Lake Tenkiller Fishing Tips

There are several boating ramps and marinas located across Tenkiller Lake. We highly recommend that you utilize this opportunity and hire an able boat that can take you to the middle of the lake. Here the waters are calmer and much clearer. You can easily catch bass in this area as they spawn here in a large number. Use good bait for this purpose.

Types of Fish in Lake Tenkiller

You can find fish species like Large mouth bass, white bass, small mouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, sunfish, freshwater drum, etc. at Lake Tenkiller.

7. Medicine Creek

FIrehole River Wyoming

Medicine Creek is a modest fishing point located within Oklahoma. It is a scenic setting and an excellent vacationing point for families. The sidewalks here seem to fuse into the granite rock-based surroundings which in turn encompass the creek. They provide excellent points of access for fishing. There are several other points of interest available at Medicine Creek as well. These include restaurants, shops, bars, etc. Lake Lawtonka and the Wichita Wildlife refuge are also situated in proximity to Medicine Creek. You can also head over there.

Medicine Creek Fishing Tips

When you come to Medicine Creek, you need to follow a few guidelines. The first one is that always go for the deeper water. Medicine Creek isn’t that deep, with the average depth being 5 feet and maximum being 8 feet. It is very rare for fish to come so near to shallow water, though it isn’t unheard of. Most fish are present in the deeper waters. So, you should head that way. Also, try using a minnow or live worm as bait as they have proven to work very well against bass at Medicine Creek.

Types of Fish in Medicine Creek

You can find Sunfish, Channel Catfish, Large Mouth Bass, and Rainbow Trout

Gone' Fishing In The Sooner State? Best Cities To Visit

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa is a city located in Oklahoma and is the second-largest city of the state. It is the 45th most populated city in the USA and boasts a population of about 401,190 individuals. Tulsa is also the County seat of Tulsa County and holds the distinction of being the currently most densely populated city in the state of Oklahoma.

Tulsa has got plenty to offer visitors when it comes to nightlife, restaurants, bars, casinos, discos, etc. To be concise, it offers one of the most exciting experiences in enjoyment within Oklahoma. The profundity that Tulsa evinces in regard to Fishing is also very high. There are plenty of spots in, and around, Tulsa that can cater to all the demands of an avid fisherman. So, allow us to enumerate some of them for your information:  Yahola Reservoir, Mohawk Pond, MS6 Pond, Metcalf Pond, Lynn Lane Reservoir 

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City, often called OKC for short, is a city located in the state of Oklahoma in the USA. It is the largest city of the state and is also the county seat of Oklahoma County. It possesses a total population of 655,057 people and is the 25th largest city in the USA from a population-based perspective.

Oklahoma City is a large metropolis and offers much in the way of social life and fun-filled distractions. There is something for everyone in Oklahoma City and it never seems to disappoint no matter how many times you visit it. The fishing scene is also very productive in this city as Oklahoma City has got plenty of great fishing spots in proximate locations around it. Some of the more prominent spots are as follows:  Oklahoma River, Lake Overholser, Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge, Lake Stanley Draper, Lake Hefner

Medicine Park, Oklahoma

Medicine Park is a gorgeous and scenic little town located in the state of Oklahoma. The area of Medicine Park is a quiet and tranquil oasis that has plenty to offer for any visitor. This is the spot for you if you are looking for a quaint experience unlike any other. This area was originally a settlement for Plains Indians and is currently an attraction for politicians, celebrities and visitors from all circles of life. The area is famous for cobblestones and these are an indigenous phenomenon of the geological sort that is present in abundance all over the Park. These cobblestones imbue the town with a quaint and distinct appearance.

There is plenty to do when you come to Medicine Park like for instance, you could go for a walk on the picturesque trails. You can dine in any of the many amazing restaurants in the area, or you can watch the beautifully poignant scene of the sun setting over the Wichita Mountains. The point is, Medicine Park is wonderful and is well worth your time.

The scene for fishing is very potent and satisfying at Medicine Park. It is home to Medicine Creek, Medicine Creek Trout Area, Lake Elmer Thomas Recreation Area that lies in proximity to Medicine Park, and the nearby Cache Road ice Dock. So, do give ample consideration to Medicine Park when you are deciding on a place for fishing in Oklahoma.

Wrapping up the Best Fishing in Oklahoma

We hope you enjoyed our article on the best fishing spots in Oklahoma.  Honestly the state has so many amazing locations, we couldn’t name them all.  Whether you set a base up in the big city like Tulsa and make day trips, or rough it in the wild and camp at one of our amazing locations, you will undoubtedly find an amazing adventure filled with fish awaiting you in the Sooner State!