Best Fishing In Utah – 10 Places Anglers Can’t Miss

Are you an angler looking to fish in a new and exotic destination? Take a look at Utah, the amazing fishing locations and gorgeous landscape make this one of the most sought after locations to fish in the United States! The western state of Utah is the perfect vacation spot for people that love outdoor activities with an endless amount of places and things to see, but the fishing is why we’re here. This heavenly US state is a great spot for fishing because of the immense biodiversity it offers in terms of rivers, lakes, and the quality of food sources offer all four seasons for every kind of fish to prosper in. After fishing in Utah, you’ll think fishing will never be that easy again as a ton of spots have no catch limits!

This western state of the United States offers a wide range of options for anglers in every season to choose a fishing spot, Utah is filled with lakes, rivers, creeks, and reservoirs. And a bonus point for visitors as well as locals, in winter the lakes and reservoirs perfectly preserve the diverse amount of fish under a perfect layer of ice for the most exotic experience of ice fishing. There is just something about Utah in the winter and ice fishing on a lake deep in the red rock valleys that is truly surreal.

With its small population, it is a fine place where you can take a break from the metropolitan rush life and really enjoy your surroundings. Combine this with the rich heritage and loads of fishing spots, Utah is should the next stop on your fishing trip. In this article we’ve broken down the spots and cities so you have the best fishing in Utah!

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We understand that looking for the best location with the perfect view and high quality fishing can be a stressful task, especially if you’re the one planning the trip! We’ve done the work for you and read all the reviews, and found out the best five fishing spots in Utah and top five cities for you to choose from. Let’s take a look!

Lake Powell Fishing

Lake Powell Fishing

In the Glen Canyon National recreational area is a small lake, essentially a reservoir of the Colorado river known as Lake Powell. The Colorado River and its tributaries are very famous among anglers in the United States for the diverse amount of fish and picturesque fishing locations, and it gives way to some of the best fishing in Utah!

Lake Powell in particular is very well known for its high fish population density and is said to be the perfect spot for new anglers to start fishing and get the best experience! Don’t get me wrong, no matter how experienced you’ll love landing a ton of fish at Lake Powell!

The best strategy is to hook anchovies and go into the lake on a boat if you are interested in the big fish, such as bullhead catfish. If you are only looking to relax and not worry about which fish you catch, then just get you to hook ready and throw it out in the water from the shore and relax you will find a nice catch in this densely populated lake. Fishing for bass is easily done from the shoreline or on a boat! Utah is a hot spot for ice fishing, and Lake Powell offers a ton of this! But if you’re looking to land a big catfish you will find here will be in the spring season.

Lake Powell Fishing Tips

  • Catfish are typically caught in shallower waters, using anchovies from shore or a Drop Shot / Carolina rig when fishing from a boat
  • Striped Bass can be caught using almost any type of surface lure, and the optimal time to catch a “Striper Boil” is later summer to early fall
  • Largemouth Bass are mainly caught around the brush areas of the lake while Smallmouth Bass are more common and found along rocky shore lines 

Types of Fish in Lake Powell

Striped Bass, Smallmouth / Largemouth Bass, Bullhead Catfish, Panfish, Walley

Provo River Fishing

The Provo river gets its name from Provo city in southwestern Utah and the river rises from the Uinta Mountains at Wall lake and flows towards south from Utah county into Wasatch county. The Provo River offers a blue ribbon stream that is home to all-natural brown trout. There are multiple spots and areas specifically built and maintained specifically for fishing, but there is no stocking going on in this river! The perfect spot is no doubt the upper and middle part of river Provo which give anglers a stunning yet calming view of Mount Timpanogos and abundant brown trout as well as rainbow trout population!

If you’re looking for high density fishing, the Provo river averages 3,000 trout per mile, and is considered some of the best fishing in Utah! There are a ton of places to fish along the river, with some of the more coveted spots being on private land and only accessible through a guided fishing tour. These tours are no joke, and will cover your costs if you don’t catch any fish, so its literally a guarantee!

The middle part of the Provo River flows into the Heber valley following lush green meadows and farm pastures, allowing streams of lower pressure waters and truly amazing experience of fishing. The lower Provo River emerges from the Deer Creek reservoir and offers the largest and dense population of rainbow trout up to 18 inches, even in the offseason.

Provo River Fishing Tips

  • On the Lower Provo, dry flies can work really well in select areas during hatches but nymphs and streamers are used with a ton of success as well
  • The Upper Provo river has a much smaller fish population and a lot of private property, so it isn’t as popular for fishing
  • The Lower Provo river is more difficult due to its tougher access, but is still a popular place to check out and try your luck

Types of Fish in Provo River

Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Carp, Walley, White Bass, Cutthroat Trout

Strawberry Reservoir Fishing

Arguably the most popular fishing spot in Utah is the Strawberry Reservoir receiving up to 1.5 million anglers annually, both locals and visitors from around the world. This reservoir is located in the Uintah and Ouray Indian reservations and is recognized for being a Blue-Ribbon Fishery, which basically means it has the highest quality waters with perfect conditions fishing in Utah.

The closest city to the Strawberry Reservoir is Heber City, which in itself is a culturally rich and excellent place to stay while on vacation. The Strawberry Reservoir, in addition for being one of the best spots for fly fishing in Utah, also allows has perfect conditions from January till march for ice fishing.

This deep reservoir is a perfect place to catch fish on a boat if you’re not looking to fly fish, especially if you are hoping to catch rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and even Kokanee salmon. Apart from fishing, the Strawberry Reservoir also offers water skiing and canoeing for people looking for an adventure in the water. The campground have some amazing beaches for people to just relax in and enjoy a picnic with friends and family, while you’re out on the water fishing!

Strawberry Reservoir Fishing Tips

  • If you’re looking for the big fish, a great place to start is Indian Creek bay due to the underwater springs in the area that attract a ton of the bigger fish in the reservoir
  • Fly fishing in the Strawberry Reservoir is done best with black or olive colored wolley buggers
  • If you’re doing some casting, spinning lures are a great choice for fishing here, and they work especially well in lower light in the morning or evening

Types of Fish in Strawberry Reservoir

Kokanee Salmon, Red Shiner, Rainbow Trout, Utah Chub, Utah Sucker

Located in Sweet Water County and Dagget County in Utah, the Green river has beautiful emerald green water and also has amazing views with the surrounding Ruby Red Canyon Walls. The river has plenty of fish such as trophy trout, crappie, walleye, and a lot more. All of this lures the fishermen from around the world who are looking for a exhilarating experience, and want to get the best fishing in Utah! This Green river flows from Wyoming but the reservoir is mainly located on the Utah side of the states!

The green river passes through high desert sandstone of the flaming gorge and has 40-60-degree Celsius water all year round. The river’s ample water flow creates perfect conditions fish and the most popular technique is fly fishing. Around the Flaming Gorge reservoir it is not uncommon to land a 30+ lb trophy trout!

The Flaming Gorge Reservoir waters hold some of the groundbreaking varieties of fishes out of which most famous are trout and Kokanee salmon. On top of being angler’s favorite destination, the flaming gorge reservoir also hosts water sports and activities like canoeing and water skiing.

Flaming Gorge Reservoir Fishing Tips

  • With the abundance of fish in the Flaming Gorge reservoir, almost any technique is going to get you some bites but the most popular are trolling and casting
  • If you’re fishing further up or down from the reservoir on the river, fly fishing with streamers tend to be very effective
  • When trolling, fishing with a down rigger or vertical jigging on top of the fish are the two most common techniques used to land the trophy sized trout!

Types of Fish in Flaming Gorge

Striped Bass, Smallmouth / Largemouth Bass, Bullhead Catfish, Panfish, Walley

Fish Lake Fishing

Fish Lake Utah Fishing

Located in the Southern Wasatch Plateau region of south-central Utah, Fish Lake is a high alpine lake with a elevation of 8,800 ft! It is famously located in a place known as Graben Valley, and is located within the Fishlake National Foreast. The surrounding forest with pine trees and oaks give off a look of serenity over this crystal blue lake creating an amazing spot for fishing in Utah. 

As the name depicts, the Fish Lake is host to every kind of fish an angler would want to catch. With an average depth of 85 ft and a max depth of 175 ft, you can easily fish from the shore or a boat! The yellow perch come in droves are there is no limit on the amount you can catch, as they are considered an invasive species here. The lake is also stocked by Utah so you can guarantee you’ll be landing a ton of fish on your Utah fishing trip to this gorgeous lake!

Fish Lake Fishing Tips

  • With the depth of this lake, this is a great place for trolling with shallow lures, going deep with a down rigger, or baiting a heavy jig to get those big lake trout
  • The thick weeds near the shore are perfect to jig a small, baited hook or nightcrawler 
  • Ice fishing is extremely lucrative at this high altitude lake and it is one of the best times to catch Splake, a cross between a brook trout and lake trout

Types of Fish in Fish Lake

Lake Trout, Yellow Perch, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Kokanee Salmon

Best Cities for Fishing in Utah

When you ultimately decide to choose to go fishing in your vacation, you should not worry about deciding a city to stay at. Since we have explained how Utah is an anglers haven, here is the break down of five cities in Utah ranked the best for a fishing holiday.

1. Park City, Utah Fishing

Park City is just outside of Salt Lake city and on average, the number of tourists in this city always exceeds the number of full time residents. Park city is named the best city to stay in for anglers as it is closest to 2 blue ribbon water bodies, the Provo river through Heber Valley and also down in the Provo Canyon. The Weber River between Rock Port and Echo Reservoirs are also amazing fishing spots near Park City, making it all the more perfect. The Uinta Mountains to the east of the city are not only perfect for hiking but also have many small lakes that are perfect for fishing. This is one of the tops choices for a base camp location to start off your trip to hit the best fishing spots in Utah!

Fishing Spots near Park City

  • Provo River
  • Jordanelle Reservoir
  • Weber River
  • Strawberry River
  • Green River

2. Bullfrog, Utah Fishing

Bullfrog is a small community that is right on Lake Powell, which is understandably why we’re talking about this quaint town that hosts tons of outdoor enthusiasts every year. The tourist population here comes mainly for the world class fishing you get at lake Powell, and is a experience you certainly don’t want to pass up. This lake hosts everything from Salmon, Bass, and trophy sized trout!

Apart from fishing, you can discover the beauty of the Natural Bridges National Monument and the Rainbow Bridge National Monument. You can also go hiking into the foothills of Glenn Canyon in the National Recreation Park, which is also a cool skiing spot in the winters.

Fishing Spots near Bullfrog

  • LAKE POWELL – No other spots needed

3. Heber, Utah Fishing

Heber city is located in the northwestern part of Utah in Wasatch County and has connections with the Uinta Mountains range and the Provo River. For fishing fanatics, the Heber city has countless attractions that are perfect for spending a fun-filled weekend out on the water landing fish! A few of them are Jordanelle State Park, Wasatch Mountain State Park, Deer Creek state park, and the countless lakes in the Uinta mountains.

The city of Heber offers multiple tourist attractions apart from fishing, such as Heber Valley Historic Railroad, CAF Utah Wing Aviation Museum, Historic Heber City Amusement Hall. The state parks such as Wasatch county and Deer Creek offer multiple activities apart from fishing for tourists to enjoy making it an ideal vacation spot for fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts alike!

Fishing Spots near Heber, Utah

  • Provo River
  • Jordanelle Reservoir
  • Deer Creek Reservoir
  • Strawberry River
  • Lakes in the Uinta Mountains

4. Loa, Utah Fishing

Loa is found in south-central Utah in Wayne county along state route 24. It was named Loa because it has one of the highest elevations, about 7045 feet, of all the county seats in Utah. The weather drops to -2 degrees Celsius in winters and creates the perfect layer of ice on the lakes for ice fishing.

There are many towns where you can go for fly fishing and plan a day of peace and catching up on nature, but they are not like Loa. The Fish Lake Located in the High Alpine Forests of Graben Valley is the best spot for throwing the hook into the water, and simply sit back to relax and enjoy the view of the beautiful forest.

Fishing Spots near Loa, Utah

  • Fish Lake
  • Capital Reef National Park
  • Goblin Valley State Park
  • Bryce Canyon National Park

5. Salt Lake City, Utah Fishing

Salt Lake City is the capital, as well as the most populous city of the gorgeous state of Utah! The top sights to see in this central city of Utah are the Temple Square, Red Butte Garden, Hogle Zoo, National History Museum, and Salt Lake Temple. The city, aside from fishing as a huge draw is worth visiting for all of its tourist sites as well as a planetarium and several historical sites.

The fishing spots are plentiful but there are some super famous lakes including Secret Lake, Bountiful Pond, and Silver lake. They are the favorite fishing spots of anglers from all around the world due to its proximity to Provo River, a favorite for fly fishing!

Fishing Spots near Salt Lake City

  • Secret Lake
  • Bountiful Pond
  • Silver Lake
  • Provo River
  • Green River

Wrapping Up The Best Fishing in Utah

Wrapping up this informative article about the best fishing spots in Utah, I have to say that Utah is the perfect vacation destination for anyone that loves getting outdoors and soaking up some of the natural beauty in this country. There is a ton of activities for the whole family and excluding fishing you can go skiing, canoeing, horse back riding, and hiking that you can do there. 

Dedicated anglers from all around the world come to fish the waters of Provo River and Lake Powell for world-class pure Brown Trout. The scenic views of the Uinta Mountain Range and the Strawberry Reservoir bridge the gap created between you and nature and slides you into a world of serenity. What else can one need when planning your next family vacation, or fishing trip with your favorite group of anglers! Utah offers some of the best fishing spots in the United States, especially if you’re looking to catch trophy sized trout.

Happy Fishing, Folks!